11 Facets of Materiality?

I was recently told about this concept, but the source was incomplete. Can anyone help me find the last two? Additionally, I hear that there is another one that is 11 Facets of Mentality?

  1. Present
  2. Past
  3. Future
  4. Internal
  5. External
  6. Coarse
  7. Subtle
  8. Near
  9. Far
  10. ???
  11. ???
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Therefore, monks, whatever corporeality, whether past, future, or present, in oneself or external, gross or subtle, inferior or superior, far or near — all corporeality should with right wisdom, thus be seen as it is: ‘This is not mine, this I am not, this is not my self.’



Bhante Sujato’s translation of MN 22.


I think these are different anvaya or inferential understanding of phenomena:

At Sāvatthī. “Mendicants, I will teach forty-four grounds for knowledge. Listen and pay close attention, I will speak.” “Yes, sir,” they replied. The Buddha said this:

“And what are the forty-four grounds for knowledge? Knowledge of old age and death, knowledge of the origin of old age and death, knowledge of the cessation of old age and death, and knowledge of the practice that leads to the cessation of old age and death. Knowledge of rebirth … Knowledge of continued existence … Knowledge of grasping … Knowledge of craving … Knowledge of feeling … Knowledge of contact … Knowledge of the six sense fields …

Whatever ascetics and brahmins in the future will directly know choices, their origin (saṅkhārasamudayaṃ), their cessation (saṅkhāranirodhaṃ), and the practice that leads to their cessation (saṅkhāranirodhagāminiṃ), all of them will directly know these things in exactly the same way that I do now. This is their knowledge of what follows. (anvaye ñāṇaṃ.)

A noble disciple has purified and cleansed these two knowledges—knowledge of the present phenomena, and knowledge of what follows. When a noble disciple has done this, they’re called ‘one accomplished in view’, ‘one accomplished in vision’, ‘one who has come to the true teaching’, ‘one who sees this true teaching’, ‘one endowed with a trainee’s knowledge’, ‘one who has entered the stream of the teaching’, ‘a noble one with penetrative wisdom’, and ‘one who stands pushing open the door of the deathless’.”


I take this to mean all possible occurrences of mentality or materiality - with no exceptions.

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