24 hour meditation hall 🏫

I was talking to a friend, who was lamenting that they have not been able to go on a long retreat for many years for health reasons.

So an idea occurred to me. Many people would like to do long retreat, short retreats, or even just a one day silent retreat. What’s the barrier? What’s to stop one from conducting a retreat of any length, without spending any extra money and traveling? Usually the lack of a supportive environment.

One of the most supportive aspects of a formal retreat is having a community of fellow meditators meditating.

Is it possible to build a virtual 24 hour meditation hall with no money down, no monetary expense at all, just tools we already own?

Let’s try an experiment.

I don’t use facebook (only to passively read a public qigong forum), but I do have an account for audtip.org for announcing new recordings.

I’m going to create a group called “24 hour meditation hall”.

The idea is, when you vist the page, it should feel like a quiet oasis, a sanctuary, and place where people are quiety meditating and supporting each other (quiet emotional support).

And since it’s a virtual meditation hall, with international members from all time zones, in theory with enough visitors anytime you visit you see someone meditating.

So basically just post something really short, so people know you’re there.


  1. John from england, going to a do a 30 minute sit.
  2. Bob from canada, doing to one day silent retreat. I made a sign that I wear around my neck that says “I’m observing noble silence” so my wife and kids don’t talk to me today.
  3. Jane from new zealand, I going to do walkng meditation for 20 minutes.
  4. mike from india: i’m too drowsy to meditate so I’m going to read suttas for 30 min.

I guess the first step is you need to “friend” me so I have people do invite to the group.

My facebook identity is “frank metta”, contact@audtip.org, I own a page called “audtip.org”.



@frankk I like this idea and don’t want to check in twice a day, so I’ll simply post my schedule and share what I’m listening to as it changes along with shareable reflections as they arise.

And then I thought…why can’t we just do this here in this thread you have nicely created for us?

10/22/18 Karl, CA USA walking meditation twice a day barefoot on neighborhood streets for about an hour each time listening to DN33 till he learns it.


one of my fantasies is to have physical large meditation halls open 24 hours everywhere in the world, in every city, every town, etc.

Whatever virtual platform is available and people recommend, I’m willing to try.
suttacentral discussion forum doesn’t handle long threads well, and I think FB or something like it would have some advantages. As page owner I can designate moderators, tweak privacy settings, delete the page or start subgroups as needed.


Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu has a similar thing here: Meditation+
I used it for a while a few years ago, there is a big circle in the middle of the screen and you’d see the avatars of the people presently meditating. He also make people commit to a certain amount of time of meditation per day or week. I did not use it since a long time so it might have changed! But have a look, you might get some ideas or ask him about how the webpage works…


We could just repeatedly update a single post to the thread. And you could add your wonderful photo to the OP? I mean, it’s just nicer to have one place, SuttaCentral, to visit.

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Sounds like an interesting idea. Though, if I were to try it, I’d have to set up a Facebook account first. I wonder are there ready made platforms and solutions for this kind of thing out there (seems like the kind of thing for which there already might be).

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Not my photo, I googled images and found a good one that represented a hall of meditators anonymously (only showing their backs). The way SCDD caches once the threads get long people would rarely see the photo. And if one were to keep all their comments by ongoing editing of a single post of theirs, first of all that’s clumsy and hard to do on SCDD, as more people each have their one post, etc.

I get a nonconformist thrill by using the most popular social networking platform to encourage people to develop noble silence and gradually develop nibbida towards social networking. Using poison to counter poison.

If anyone decides to try out facebook, what I did with my FB account is keep all personal and private information out of it (partially fake name, fake birthday, etc, leave nothing for them to data mine me, invade my privacy or any iota of data for potential identity theft crimes).


I actually unsuccessfully tried that. I first created an account with my username here as part of it. Then I was asked for my mobile number, which I gave and used to input a code that was sent. Despite not using Facebook, some of the friend suggestions were creepily accurate (some friends, family members and colleagues sprinkled in among some people from the general area in which I live that I don’t know, plus some complete randomers). Evidently facebook seems to already have some kind of profile on me. I suspect it didn’t like my name choice (probably, rightly, didn’t believe it was a real name). Finally, I was asked to temporarily upload a photo of myself, which I didn’t do (was going a bit too far for my taste). Account was then “reviewed” and is now disabled by Facebook (but tbh I think I would have deleted it anyway at that point, even if re-enabled :slight_smile: ).


i’m guessing what’s probably going on is your email, phone, real name are in the address books of your friends (which friends who use FB tend to just give FB permission to read their contact list on their email account). So FB could confidently tell you were giving fake info by cross referencing them. If your friends FB accounts have photos of you with you tagged, they probably could determine whether a photo of yourself you upload is real or not as well. the world is getting creepier and more invasive by the day.

I keep few friends, and they would tend not to use social media or give FB their contact list, so I guess that’s why I found it relatively easy to create a fake account.


I think Facebook, when setting up, did give the option to allow it to access various email address books (to use those contacts to help set up a friends list). Not that I did that, but it does naturally seem keen to hoover up all the linkage data between people that it can. I might well have been in some address books scanned in that way. I suppose going on the “six degrees of separation principle”, one probably just needs one or two chinks in the armour (be in even one or two address books it has hoovered up) and then they link to a bunch more people who link to yet more etc. Before you know it, they can then link you to your grandmother, the guy down the road and your dog :wink:

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Facebook may ask for a phone number, but it should not demand it. To guard your identity, remove your phone number from your profile. We are collectively assets to Facebook. Facebook feeds on our identities. Only give to Facebook what you would give any stranger who asks.


Great idea.
However it is not easy to manage. Otherwise temples shoule have adopted this.
You need lot of volantears if you want to mange this free.
Is this something similar to places in Budhgaya wher people can walk in any time?
Do people have to pree book?
Do people have to pay?

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I used to use a meditation timer app, that had a non-stop global real time meditation hall. It is free to download, and while I only used the timer functions with warm up and end gong sounds etc, it was pretty amazing to know how many other people were meditating at the same time, using the same app on a global scale.


and that’s why it’s just a fantasy. theoretically it could become reality if enough volunteers, interest, and money became available to sustain itself.

along the same lines, my fantasy also includes 24hr, free YMCA’s with exercise and team sport space to keep gangs and hormonally charged kids off the streets, showers and bathing facilities so homeless people can clean themselves and bike commuters could bike everywhere, 24 hour libraries, free water purification everywhere so there would be no more need for disposable plastic bottles clogging our landills.

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My fantacy is that every child in this world will have a decent education. Not necessarily the education system what we have now.

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