A 4.41/ A ii 44-46 missing in German translation

Dear all,

the German text for the above sutta seems to have gone missing on SC. (The text can be found here: http://palikanon.com/angutt/a04_041-050.html#a_iv41).
~ mettacittena ~


Thank you so much @akincano! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:
I’ve changed it and it is visible on the site now.

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Hi Akincano, how’s things?

Nice to hear from you! Doing well – Bodhi College has taken off. Best for your translation work –อยู่ดีมีแฮง.

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Great – that was quick. Thanks for the good work ~ mettacittena.


Well, don’t forget to drop by and tell us what you’re up to there!