A Book about Anupubbikatha and Anupubbasikkha


Hello, since there is some Indonesian people in this forum, I would like to introduce my latest book I wrote “Anupubbikatha, Buddha Dhamma Secara Bertahap”.

This book contains 20 chapters, combining Anupubbikatha (gradual teaching for layman) and Anupubbasikkha (gradual practice for pabbajjita). This book is expected to be useful for studying Buddhism precisely and gradually. Anyway, here is the synopsis :

Here is the book link:

If you think this book is very useful, you can contribute to raising printing costs and distribution. :grin:


Wow, thank you so much, this is a delight to see!


How cool! Hebat!


Thanks for your interest Bhante… I put lot of pictures on this book to make it more attractive (Because Indonesian people are very lazy in reading books, lol. :joy:)

Pretty good, eh… :smile: Anyway, thank you! :grin: