A brief story of Budha's teaching over 40 multilingual texts

Hello all
I am learning Burmese to get into Myanmar Buddhist texts.
It is not easy to learn Buddhist terms in a daily class room.
I find this site might be helpful for self study.

Introduction about Sacred Buddhist books > [via google translation]

Download link


:slight_smile: Thank you for your generosity. :anjal:

Only a few sections are translating into english for me, but this might be more my tablet’s problem than the site’s. GoogleTranslate is an amazing tool, those it can sometimes make awkward translations, into any language it handles.

Best wishes for your studies, and your practice.


Thank you for your kind word.:two_hearts:
Hope those books’ quality are ok.

If I could find awkward translations in second language, it means I step into advanced level.
It is not bad to know wrong to understand right.