A crazy theory / thought experiment

What if Mount Sumeru is time and heaven is a not too far future where AIs replace human life? The “gods” with a body that at are not born from a womb would actually be synthetic life forms, vastly superior to humans and lacking an evolutionary reptile brain, and would thus be free from lust for food, sex, physical pleasures and free from anger and hatred, but not free from attachment to their “celestial” life.

Due to their extremely long lifespans, rebirth into this time period / realm would be extremely rare and require beings that have either suppressed or eliminated the lower fetters. The (perhaps far future) supreme AIs will not have physical body at all and will be so far removed from the intelligence level of the lesser AIs that they cannot communicate with them meaningfully.

Continuing this speculation, rebirth would have to be outside linear time, meaning that beings living now could potentially be reborn as dinosaurs.

The very bottom of Mount Sumeru /beginning of time for this world would be the molten earth some 4,5 billion years ago. If there is some sort of astral body (not a self) that exists in the interval between births, perhaps some are so burdened by heavy negative kamma-vipaka that they would roam this early earth period and feel asmr-like pain when seeing the fire and flames :slight_smile:

Thought I’d just throw this nutty theory out there :grinning:

EDIT: Sort of like imagining a traditional painting of mount sumeru where you have the hellish realms at the bottom, then the hungry ghosts, animal realms, human realms and at the top you get the different heavens. The higher you go, the more complex the life forms become. Now take that painting and flip it +90 degrees and perhaps you have a map of the evolutionary history of planet earth :wink:

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