A Creative Poem Inspired by Snp 5.14 (NOT a translation)

This is not a ‘translation’.

To that stainless contemplative
The Great Work performed, and
the flows of impurity cut off
gone beyond all knowledge and things
I have come to him to ask of
The Final Knowledge and Ultimate Freedom
Tell me of it!
Tell me of that which is the annihilation of Ignorance.

Give up dark gleeful desires for things
As well your discontent dispel
For Lassitude of body and mind,
you must scatter that as well.
Restrain your restless fickle mind
and right there indeed you find
That great Purity of body and mind
Serene Impartiality, and
Remembrance Clear of all time
All this preceded by reasoned thought,
to prevent it from going all to naught

Then you will destroy right there,
Ignorance, Death’s great snare
This Final Knowledge and Ultimate Freedom
Completely avoids Mara’s Lair

What ties the world?
What explores it?
Wherefrom say Quenching
those who endured it?

The tie of delight fetters the world
Mankind’s thoughts explore it
Remove this one thing, Thirst, to find
wherefrom Quenching is defined.

Remembrance of what while roaming the world
Brings knowing to its end
Oh Lucky Man! I ask this of you.
My ears to your words eagerly lend.

All experiences within and without
For these delight you must throw out
Remembering this, while roaming, Attend!
Here Knowing comes to its True End.