A critical translation of fan dong jing, the chinese version of brahmajala sutra

I started reading this Chinese version. I don’t understand yet how chinese did such long translations. A lot of work. :joy: wonder about mistakes. Translation looks good. Maybe corrected. The bhikkhus is way more. So I guess it’s just a extended version. I went immediately to the translation. But there is comparison and instruction

comparison between the two Chinese versioons and the
Pali version…18

The moost impoortant qucestioon may tooucch ucpoon here very briely is that the poossibility oof an earlier translatioon oof Bucddhist woork intoo Chinese, the Fan Dong Jing was proobably preserved in Gandhari, a Middle Indian langucage served as oone oof the principal vehicles foor the carrying oof Indian civilizatioon, and in particuclar Bucddhism intoo Central Asia, and ucltimately too China.

Translation start at page 41(?)

:joy: :joy: when I went search more about
FAN DONG JING in google. @sujato

I once started reading that book, but it’s really deep. Maybe a simple version will be nice @sujato

It’s written as if the Agamas has this discourse but it was found in Central Asia. But I wonder if it’s same sutta.

Te Agama coontains two other sutras, Sangiti and Atanatiya which have been found in Central Asia.

If Pali has the Atanatiya, then it has the Sangiti?

Oh it’s probably this one . But that would have been nice to compare the two.