**A Detailed Description of Buddha Relics** (Translation of pali chant)

**samatta buddhakiccō sō - kusunārāya nibbutō **
dhātubhēdamabhēdaṁ ca - adhiṭṭhāya mahādayō

The Blessed One, having attained the pinnacle of all Buddhahoods, brought His earthly journey to a close in Kusinara. In accordance with the wishes of the Great Compassionate Buddha, His relics were divided and distributed.

***uṇhīsaṁ caturodāṭhā - akkhakā dvē ca sattimā ***
asambhinnā ca tā sabbā - sēsā bhinnā ca dhātuyō

After the cremation of the Buddha’s body, seven relics remained intact: the forehead bone relic, four dental relics, and two shoulder bone relics. These bones were unbroken, while the rest of the bodily bones were fragmented into small pieces.

***bhinnamuggappamāṇā ca - bhinnataṇḍulasannibhā ***
mahantā majjhimā cēva - khuddikā sāsapūpamā

The bodily parts were broken down in a specific manner: the great relics, the medium-sized relics, and those the size of green flakes, along with bodily relics the size of broken rice, were carefully divided. The smallest relics were broken down to the size of mustard seeds.

***mahantā suvaṇṇavaṇṇā ca - majjhimā muttikappabhā ***
khuddikā kundavaṇṇā ca - sabbā vandāmi dhātuyō

The large bone relics glimmer golden, while the medium-sized ones are pearl-colored. The small relics display the hues of water snowflake flowers or ivory. I worship all these physical relics of the Lord Buddha, remembering His noble qualities.

***mahantā pañca nāḷī ca - majjhimā pañca nāḷi ca ***
canāḷi khuddikā cēva - sabbā vandāmi dhātuyō

The quantity of the large relics equals five small cups of rice. The medium-sized relics also measure five small cups of rice. The small relics amount to six small cups of rice. I worship all these relics, venerating the Buddha’s noble qualities.

Translate by - kaushal Ranasinghe
Refrence - Dathu wistharaya by Gayan Chanuka Vidanapathirana