A Facebook Group : Early Buddhism Coffee Club

I thought that @Robbie had a great idea, and so I riffed on it a bit and started a Facebook Group for those that might be interested. I wanted to see if those already on Facebook might be interested, which might then draw some kalyana mitta traffic to Sutta Central.

The idea is to create a friendly space for practitioners with the EBT vibe to discuss practice, meditation experiences, precepts and renunciation practices, and other subjects that are not so much scholarly, but more centered around day-to-day practice on this Path. The Group is formed as a closed group so that posts and content are only seen by those in the Group.

Early Buddhism Coffee Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2194541727293601

The tone and vibe is essentialy friendly and informal. It’s not a place for “jhana-keyboard warriors,” but it certainly is open to explore what jhanas are, and suggestions from members as to which teachers might be helpful toward this practice. Also, the Group invites comments about renunciation practices, and precept ideas, so that members can discuss how they live their lives and cultivate their practices in a very real-world sense.

All of it will be centered around the Suttas, with the Sutta Central texts being the source. Hopefully, this site will be enjoyable for those that wish to jump in. The goal is to be less scholarly, and more focused on how we all, as students on this Path, go about our practices. What works for you, and what isn’t working?

Suggestions are welcomed. Very much welcomed. This kind of thing is not my forte, but I hope it can be something enjoyable and beneficial for those that want to join.


I hope this goes well. It would be good for FB to receive more ‘healthy traffic’. :smile: I guess you’re prepared to be busy housekeeping when the trolls arrive?


I see that the other Bikkhu Sujato has joined in your group.
I think that Ven @sujato may not have a FB presence, considering these search results.



Growing up, my sister collected Troll dolls. I sometimes gave them haircuts.

She would cry. I would laugh.

I can handle trolls. :slight_smile:


Thanks for setting this up, I have joined the group. It will be interesting to see how things develop!


Thanks, @Martin. I hope this Group creates a location for some good discussion that is friendly, informal, and helpful, and has a side benefit of introducing SC and other excellent platforms to some new audiences. For example, our SC kalyana mitta @dougsmith posted a new vlog today on Sense Restraint. A great example of how Doug takes these commonly mentioned issues from Early Buddhism (and all of Buddhism, in many cases) , and explains them in a friendly and informative way.


I now have total confidence, but am very happy you weren’t my brother. :rofl:


@Gillian, I have two younger brothers and three younger sisters, all born within a 10 year span. It was chaos. :slight_smile:


Sounds wonderful! :slightly_smiling_face: :sparkling_heart: :coffee:

I almost regret not having a Facebook account. :grin:


The name came to me thanks to a fond memory with Ayya @Vimala…she may remember the backstory about all things good, strong coffee, and a wonderful day in Pioneertown. See also Hot Drinks Galore :)

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I’ve been posting, but so far people seem a little shy. :yum:

Thanks for your great posts, Martin. I’m in this for the long haul, and so like any conversation, some folks might just be listening before adding something. Each day there should be new subjects, and new comments and posts like yours today, and I’m guessing things will open up. It’s only been less than a day since going “live,” and we have 21 in the shoppe drinking coffee, listening, and chatting. Not bad, so far. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m sure you’re right. Thanks again for setting this up, and doing all the invites. It should be interesting! :blush:
I’ve recomended your group in the FB “Secular Buddhism” group, if that helps.


Thanks, Martin. It all helps, and again, I’m mindful that there will be frequent links to the Suttas off of Sutta Central, wit the hope of piquing the interest of many that have not yet discovered SC or D&D. I just checked out the Secular Buddhism Public Group | Facebook …very nice!

Not that I’m actually a "Secular Buddhist":grin:
Think Buddhist/Pagan/Hindu/Atheist… Or in other words, Irish. :laughing:


Thank you @UpasakaMichael. I do indeed remember a lovely day in the desert. :grinning:
Good luck with the FB group. It’s a nice alternative and nice indeed to see so many old friends there!


Is the FB group restricted to Theravada Buddhidts? Are other traditions welcome? Thank you


Nice work! I’ve joined the FB group! With metta.


@Val4 (Val) yes, all traditions are welcome and appreciated!

Thinking of your question, and after too many cups of strong Arabica this morning, it seems to me that this Dhamma, these Suttas we find here on SC, are like the roots of a large beautiful tree. The tree grows from the roots, and the roots anchor and support the entire tree and its branches. In the same way, if the roots are cut off, or poisoned, the tree will eventually die. A dead tree can still stand, and the branches will still exist, but the tree bears no usable fruit nor leaves that provide comfort and shade from the heat.

Buddhism has many branches, and the tree today is arguably beautiful and strong. So the more attention we all pay to these roots, the healthier the entire tree will be.

This is the analogy that you get from too many cups of good coffee on a Monday morning! :slight_smile: I hope your week is a good one, Val.


It would be good if some other people could start threads, it would be nice to see a bit more activity. :hugs: