A free, slightly-Buddhist video game where you can build a Buddha-relic stupa, Edict Pillars of Ashoka, etc

:worried: She most certainly does. Congrats on getting your streaming platform up, sounds like it took some doing.

That looks awesome! During the ‘Perception of a Skeleton’ thread I spent a weekend watching YouTube clips disassembling the human body. It’s astounding that these things ever work at all.

Fwiw, here’s my attempt at gaming Buddhist style. It was after @Khemarato.bhikkhu PM’ed that I can call myself a Buddhist if I’m making an honest attempt at the precepts and refuges. It didn’t go public due to being deemed too low quality (by myself) but in hindsight it survives a watch. Fun fact: The vessel name was inspired by a @Rosie :sunflower: quote:

I peer at the sky through the window of my lonely sanctuary, and see hope, like an airy cumulus cloud, drift overhead, just out of reach.