A gentle hopey* bed time story

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Probably heading off line for a while again, so apologies for any lack of replies etc.

With metta :pray:t5:

*hopey - a word (like ‘kindfulness’) coined by Ajahn Brahm: instead of don’t worry, be happy - don’t worry, be hopey. i.e. it’s the opposite of worry. The idea being that regardless of what the future holds, one’s mental well being is better served by a positive outlook than by a negative one - that is, if one must look to the future at all; because if possible, the best thing to do for oneself and others is to be ‘kindfully’, present and to gently, patiently grow this ability. I think a little hopey-ness helps along the way though.

So I hope :slight_smile: you enjoy this nice little video. :heartpulse: We all create our futures/worlds - we can create them from the fabric of worry and despair, or from learning through such uncomplicated images and emotions (and from other things) how to keep kindness and well being close to our hearts - to nourish our present, our future, and that of other beings - no matter what. Here’s hoping such learning blossoms in my heart as well as in that of all beings. We can always learn more and in new ways.