Aṅguttara Nikāya by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Does anyone know where can I get a MOBI format (Kindle) of the Anguttara Nikaya by Bhikkhu Bodhi?
Thank you.

This book is copyrighted and available for sale here.

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A free version with a selection of discourses, you can find here: https://readingfaithfully.org/selections-from-the-numerical-discourses-free-kindle-epub-mobi/

For a complete ebook translation of the Anguttara Nikaya, you can download the translation by Bhikkhu Sujato.

You can buy the ebook version (includes mobi, epub and pdf) from the publisher: https://wisdomexperience.org/product/numerical-discourses-buddha/


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No problem, as long as there are no links to pirated material… we will have to delete any such replies!

Danny’s reply above is well within the T&C!

Ooh wonderful to have the complete ebook on kindle!

I also purchased the hardbound a while ago. Does anyone know when you buy a Windhorse Publishing book how much (%) of the proceeds go to support the monastics (e.g. Bhikkhu Bodhi or Venerable Anālayo)?

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On the website you can find all the Nikaya’s translated by Bhante Sujato in Kindle format:


It would be totally against the vinaya for a monk to live off their earnings.

Bhikkhu Anālayo takes no royalties from Windhorse:

Bhikkhu Bodhi publishes with Wisdom. In this article you can read about how he founded www.buddhistglobalrelief.org in mid-2008 and that

“I donated a substantial portion of the royalties from my earlier publications to create, through Wisdom, a Nikayas Fund. The intention is to donate sets of the English translations of the four Nikayas to monasteries and libraries in the disadvantaged countries of Buddhist Asia, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere where the costs would be formidable.”


I should have figured that.

Why then are there not PDFs of all of these books freely offered?

Wouldn’t doing that decrease the amount available to donate to good causes?

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Wait, that is confusing. I didn’t think these books were published with the intention of fundraising. I thought they were published to increase the availability of the Buddha’s words. Being able to access through a bookseller is advantageous because it’s how people buy books. But if they can get a pdf for free (especially if funds are a concern) then that’s great, too. The donation of royalties seems secondary.

Why not look on the dispersal of royalties to good causes as a fortunate side effect of paper printing?

(Since I don’t work for the publishers or speak on behalf of the authors I prefer not to comment further.)

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Arguably, the terms Bhikkhu Analayo seems to have negotiated, where PDFs of his books and papers become freely distributed after a certain amount of time, is ideal. The PTS and Wisdom translations largely predate that model, unfortunately. The BPS re-issue of the Visuddhimagga does use the book/PDF model.


Print book publishing (of the quality of the Wisdom books) is expensive and not profitable. The Middle Length Discourses often goes temporarily out of print for lack of the cash to pay the upfront costs.

Wisdom itself is a non profit publisher, meaning that all profits after salaries goes back into funding the organization.

Presumably they are still of the belief that if PDFs were freely available then the thin margin they maintain would vanish and the model would fall apart.


Thank you for explaining! I did not realize they were non-profit.

Sadhu to the translators, publishers, and SuttaCentral for our access.