A kindness thread

Hello friends,

Going out on a limb a bit here, but I was wondering if others here might like to contribute to a kindness thread.

Beautiful things, stories of humans being kind to each other and other creatures, kittens… whatever helps you develop metta.

I’ll start.


One day i was a volunteer in a hospital for birds. Early in the season often young births without parents were brought in. It is a stressful environment because many wild birds are afraid for other birds and humans. But we tried to make the best of it. About 55% was released in the wild again after some time.

One day i saw a really heart-warming scene. I tried to feed a very young coot. But it was too anxious. Afraid for me.

Then a miracle happened. This young coot was in a box with also a very young moorhen. And what did this very young moorhen? It picked up the food for the coot in it’s mouth and offered it to the young coot. The young coot accepted it.

So, the young moorhen started feeding the young coot. The young moorhen was like father/mother for the coot while it was still itself very small. It was so nice to see.
All people wanted to see this secne and were smiling. There is also kindness in the animal realm and even under the very young of different species.

That was a great day for the hospital, and for me and us. The heart was very warm in a stressful environment. We needed no heating. I could not stop smiling the whole day. What a nice act of kindness of this young moorhen.


A very small act of kindness greatly warmed my heart this week.

I recently moved to a rural part of Panama from the United States. I’m working on learning Spanish, but it’s slow going and in the area where I live most people speak very little English. So, it’s definitely an adjustment for me getting used to a new culture and language, and people here have been so gracious with my bumbling efforts to acclimate and communicate.

I buy my fruits and vegetables at a little produce market where no one speaks English. I really love cooking spicy food, so I learned the most polite way to ask if they had spicier peppers, which they keep behind the counter. Now each time I go, in my very best Spanish I ask to buy two habaneros.

The other day I forgot to ask for the habaneros, and the woman behind the counter reminded me. It seems like such an insignificant thing, but it’s lonely here sometimes knowing that I don’t fit in and not being able to communicate properly. I’m so grateful to be here and grateful for the warmth and patience of the Panamanian people, and that moment went such a long way towards making me feel like I’m becoming a part of the community. Just goes to show you that even the smallest gestures of kindness can mean a lot to the recipient. :hot_pepper:


What a nice idea @khagga :sun_with_face:

There was an elephant herd. A baby was born but had his front legs bend at the knees, unable to straighten it, walking on his knees. At one stage, after many attempts to help him, they left him behind.
Another female Elephant (not the mother) out of the herd stayed behind with it. This was very dangerous, as she lost the protection of the herd.

Every day she encouraged the little one with her trunk to get up. She fed him and looked after him. One day the little one finally got up and walked!
On a water hole they joined their herd.

…I found it hard not to share a tear of joy…



This youtube channel has tons of videos of people rescuing and raising various animals. It’s very wholesome :slight_smile: