A new translation of the Khuddakapāṭha?

Dear Venerable @sujato, do you also intend to translate the Khuddakapāṭha? The reason I ask this is because this book is not mentioned as an EBT in Authenticity (because of its possible composition in Sri Lanka?).

Despite its perhaps questionable status as an EBT, I’d be most grateful if you’d consider including the book in your translation project—its discourses are just so inspiring! With a lot of gratitude :pray: :anjal:


Well sure, why not? Actually there’s only a few verses that are not found elsewhere, so it’d be a simple job to get that done.


Thank you so much! :anjal:

Ven Ānandajoti’s translations seem quite reasonable, but I miss the small things. The Suttaplex introductions, the segmentation, and the eloquence, precision, and consistency. Thanks so much, it may be a simple job, but it means a lot. :anjal: