A nice example of possible support for each other across national borders, oceans and continents - thanks to the internet

Hi there,
I’m not quite sure if this belongs in this category or on Dicuss & Discover at all, but I thought it might be nice to make some of you aware of this, because it makes me feel happy what’s possible nowadays to support each other.
(Sorry if I’m wrong here! ^^)

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just to keep you updated: after about 10 days the fundraise now allready collected over half the needed amount - that’s wonderful :smiley:

A big step closer to end the waiting period of 2.5 years to get his back looked at by a professional - that’s really nice :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m sorry - it’s not over half the needed amount now - it seems to be over one third of the target at the moment.
But that’s something nice too I would say! :slight_smile:
let’s see where all the kindness is going to lead this to :blush:

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I don’t want to bother you too much with this, but now it seems that the fundraising collected over half of the needed amount :slight_smile: Hope Matt can have is back looked at very soon!

Hope you can have a lovely day you all!


Ok wow!

It’s finished - the needed amount has been collected :smiley:

(and with that my - maybe - bothering comments will finish here too^^)


Update: Matt needs a bit more help. This message is copied from his Patreon-page, which is also very worth subscribing to:

" Hi everyone,

As you may know, a gofundme page was created past year by my good friend Claire, to help raise funds for medical costs etc.

One of the goals was to pay for private health insurance so I could be seen to more quickly for my spinal problems in the private health system.

There is a one year waiting period that applies to new people who have just joined the private health insurer, and that year is almost up.

All of the previous go fund me money has been used, and so this new fundraiser is to ensure I can continue to be covered by private health, therefore meaning I can have my spinal problems looked at.

I would be immensely grateful for anyone who would wish to help support me through this fund-raising effort, and if you could share this with others so it gets seen, that would be amazing.

Looking after the ill is the most noble cause and worthy of the highest praise (as Ajahn Brahm would always say)

Thank you all so much,
Mindful Matt"

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URGENT: Matt was admitted to a hospital. He is now back at home but the situation is not pleasant and can change quickly. Let’s cheer him up by donating. Now is the best time to give!

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Thank you very much for sharing the links with us!

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