A note on the Book of Analysis

Some time ago we organized the typing and publishing of the full text of the English translation of the Vibhaṅga, titled The Book of the Analysis, which was originally published by the PTS. When this project was done, our diligent typists also typed up the lengthy introduction to this text. Since SuttaCentral is not the place for that, I have put the introduction here, for the benefit of those who wish to study this text.

bhante, the author of the introduction is R.E. Iggleden, Waltham St. Lawrence is the location it was apparently composed at

Oops. That’s embarrassing, I’ll fix it when i get a moment.

Excellent. The Abhidhamma is important but pretty difficult for most of us. I have been wondering if there’s a published (by which I mean a book for a 19th-century type like me) recent translation of the Dhammasanghani. PTS still offers Caroline Rhys Davids translation. I also recommend Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma. His lengthy introduction is, as always, illuminating.