A puzzling discrepancy in translations…

Yes, Bhante, I meant #2.
Implying that the word “atta” can have very different connotations, like when used here as the second member of these compounds vs. the idea that the aggregates are ‘not self’.

Perhaps a bit like if I say, “I’m concerned for your wellbeing”, or, “He doesn’t seem quite his normal self”, I’m not really referring to a metaphysical essence, I’m not advocating for a ‘permanent essence’.

But perhaps this is what Woodward was doing in his translation? I don’t have access to these old PTS texts so I don’t know.

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Almost certainly. He was a Theosophist and in his Pali scholarship and translating praxis he clung tightly to Caroline Rhys Davids’ skirt tails.


Yes. Sadly Mrs. R-D went a bit off the rails after the tragic death of her son.

Perhaps the jist of this thread is to warn against people’s interpretation of the Dhamma and its texts.

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