A Reminder About our Awesome Guidelines

Hi everyone, just a gentle, general reminder about our Guidelines. In particular, please remember this section: Be agreeable, especially when you disagree

Here’s a lovely excerpt:

Remember “the advice of the Araṇavibhaṅga Sutta: criticize ideas, not people.

And another:

Instead, consider first the things that should be reflected on before criticizing another (from MN 21 Kakacūpama Sutta, and Vinaya Kd 19.5.2):

“I will speak at a right time, not at a wrong time; I will speak about what is true, not about what is not true; I will speak with gentleness, not with harshness; I will speak about what is meaningful, not about what is not meaningful; I will speak with a mind of loving-kindness, not with inner hatred.”

Why is the Buddha’s speech so persuasive? It’s because he always spoke clearly, kindly, and rationally. If you do the same, you’ll find that people will be much more open to your ideas.

With Metta