A SuttaCentral Podcast

I have been thinking about which sutta to use for which episode. I can’t find much fault with following In the Buddha’s Words (ITBW).

  • The order is meaningful and well thought through
  • Even if listeners have read ITBW, it’s quite likely they haven’t done so with the new translations. Plus, listening instead of reading gives a different twist.
  • Paywalls and copyright guard ITBW, but the episodes will be freely accessible and CC0

Some further remarks:

  • We don’t have to follow ITBW rigidly!
  • I’m inclined to air full suttas instead of excerpts to preserve the unity of each sutta
  • Concretely, the first episodes would be SN 3.3, SN 3.25, and AN 3.35, and perhaps other suttas which fit the theme “old age, illness, and death.”

Feedback—positive & negative—is very welcome