A tiny correction

A line in the third paragraph of MN 32 reads: ““Yes, friend,” the venerable Revata to replied.to Then the venerable Revata…”


Thanks, fixed. The correction may take a little while to show up for you.


Notwithstanding the fact that it’s probably not worth the bother of attending to:


Gotama there be dwelling at Rājagaha**,** this Sandhāna is one of them.


carrying on childish talk of vanous * kinds, to wit:


Even as a one-eyed cow that, walking in a circles follows only the outskirts,


accepts nothing ex-pressly brought, nor expressly prepared, nor any invitations.


“Such and such worthy folk** , **evil-doers in act

/en/dn25#pts-cs12 (third one)

in acting thus, foolish and stupid and wrung that you were, in that you spakc thus of me


so were their hearts criven over to Māra.


There is no #pts-cs5, and likewise, no #pts-cs9-11 in this sutta - they do appear to be given in the source text. A seeming error that does belong to the source text is that there are three #pts-cs12s and no -14, -15 nor -22.

* I vote for adding this to the dictionary.


Thanks so much for these. The DN texts were edited by me only superficially, as you can see. @vimala, can you look at these when you get a chance?


Brother Joe is going over the DN at the moment picking out all those errors.


Have done those. Thanks!
Just cannot figure out where 9-11 and 15 would belong so left them out. They are not in the source either. I suppose I could check against the pali but I’m a bit lazy :slight_smile: Will make a note for Brother Joe.


Oh my, it looks like I’ll have to work harder to keep you on your toes, Venerable! :grin:

May it be for your long lasting benefit for me to mention that:

  1. SN22.90 contains a link to SN12.15, however the link given (suttacentral.net/en/sn12.html#12.15) is incorrect and thus leads to an 404 error page.

  2. SC verses 43-56 of Snp5.1 appear to be missing.


Done that. Thanks.

They are not missing, but the numbers on the side are such that there are more numbers than lines per verse, so it all gets pushed down. @Sujato: this happens from snp5.1 onwards because from there on, next to SC-number and SC-verse-number there is also PTS-verse-number, snp-vagga-verse and snp-vagga-section-verse. Is this not a bit overkill to have 5 different numbering systems? The last 2 are nearly identical except for the section number.

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Yes, this is too much.

We need the sc number, because this accounts for places without verses, of which there are a few.

verse-num-sc and verse-num-pts are essential.

snp-vagga-section-verse is less essential, but not wholly redundant. Normally you can infer this just from the URL and sc number, but not in the case where there are also prose paragraphs, in which case the sc number will be different.

snp-vagga-verse can be safely suppressed, as I don’t know anyone who references like this.

So I would say slap display:none on snp-vagga-verse and see if this solves the problem. If it is still a mess, we can suppress snp-vagga-verse too.

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Better, but not great. Have a look at snp 5.1.

Oh, well, suppress snp-vagga-verse too.

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On https://suttacentral.net/pi-tv-kd the PTS page for Kd21 is given as Vin ii 254–Vin ii 293, but I think it is Vin ii 284–Vin ii 293.


Indeed, thanks for this. @vimala, can you fix this please?

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Done that. But because of the failure to restart the server it will not show up until that is fixed.


Gosh! I full well know there are better things to do with life… but once spotted, I’m basically powerless against my own nitpickerousness…

https://suttacentral.net/en/sn1.20#5: “Then that devatāalighted on the…”

https://suttacentral.net/en/mil3.4.1: something’s up with the display.


We are very grateful for your nitpickerousness! :anjal:



A couple more:
given in:

Also in SN11.13 & SN11.12, when it says “followed by verses 908-9 = 904-5” & “Verses 906-7 = 904-5”, what exactly is being referred to?

That is adapted from Ven Bodhi’s translation and refers to the numbers he uses. Not very clear, I know.

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