A useful chart to compare 3 jhāna schemes

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I made a chart to make it easy to visually compare 3 different schemes for classifying jhāna/samādhi. I hope it’s useful for someone!


Perhaps you also can looking to.

Jhana Sutta

Samadhi Sutta


What is the difference between Jhana and Samadhi?


No expert here, but i think that word-history is different, Jhana is related to Jhayati (burning), while Samadhi is related to completion & stillness. The usage in sutta seems similar though.
See here for expert opinion (The Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation)


I think Samadhi refers to the fulfillment of Jhana (fourth Jhana)
Jhana refers to individual steps such as fist, second, third and forth Jhana etc.


These ones too.


Jhāna is a subset of samādhi. Samādhi has a braoder meaning. There are various articles on the web that may be useful to read.