A welcome to three new moderators and a thank you to two departing ones

Hi everyone,
We are delighted to be able introduce three new moderators to the Discuss & Discover community,
three long-term users of the forum and probably familiar names to most of you! :slight_smile:

We are confident that everyone will work with them to help maintain the equilibrium and respectful friendly atmosphere that we all strive towards. We are grateful that they have now accepted the chance to become moderators on this forum!

We would also like to extend a warm thank you to @Nevs4511 and @Rosie who recently stepped down as moderators. Your efforts to help keep the good ship D&D afloat and sailing on an even keel were much appreciated! :smile:



Many thanks to @Nevs4511 and @rosie for your great service to the community and a big and grateful welcome to the new mods @AdrianMagno @michaelh and @trusolo!


Excited to have Adrian, Michael, and Trush join the moderator team! Many thanks to @Nevs4511 and @Rosie for their dedicated service.


Thanks for your lovely welcome @suaimhneas, @elisabetta and @Ric! I hope to serve the D&D community well - so many wonderful people and ways of being all around this forum.

Such a valuable place on the Internet deserves a lot of care, which @AdrianMagno, @trusolo and I will do our best to provide to you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray: :pray: :pray:.


This must be the perfect place for gifts like these :boom:

Anumodana sadhu sadhu sadhu 3 + 2 :heart:


Welcome new Mods! And thanks to the team for providing so much lovely space for me to learn and grow with Buddha. It was a fine time spent with you all, and I miss seeing your delightful faces in those monthly meetings. :crazy_face:

Do take care of your ‘selves’ lol, and keep up the great job you’ve been doing. I’ll be close by for any assistance you may require!
Sadhu! :pray: :pray: :pray:


Congrats and many thanks to all!!!


I’m going to miss the knowledge that @Nevs4511 and @Rosie are standing poised to act when folks need help. Thank you so much for the good work you have both put in and welcome to the exMod world. :grin: You should both leave the role knowing that you’ve made a big contribution. :pray:

And a. big welcome to @AdrianMagno and @michaelh and @trusolo. You’ve been doing good work already and it is very much appreciated. :pray:


Dear friends, congratulations to the newly ex-moderators, as well as to the current team.

Moderation can be stressful, and it is really important that it be seen as a period of service and devotion, not as a binding chain.

Moderation is the thin red line that divides us from 4chan. May it ever remain strong!


May we soon be able to use AI for moderation tasks.

:thinking: Not a bad idea tbh… It is what e.g. Facebook does…


Indeed it is what FB does…but not always well. I don’t think it will work having bots nuance human responses to deep questions, but I will try to keep an open mind. :yum:

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