Abhidhammattha-saṅgaha- Navanita Tika

Came across reference of commentary on Abhidhammattha-saṅgaha in a wiki article named * Navanita-Tika, by the Indian scholar Dhammananda Kosambi, 1933. Titled “The Butter Commentary,” because it explains the Sangaha in a smooth and simple manner, avoiding philosophical controversy.
Does any one have pdf of any reference on details of this commentary

Hmmm… It is mentioned in the Introduction to Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Manual of Abhidhamma: A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma (Introduction) where it is described in precisely those terms.

I’ve never seen either a hard copy or a pdf of this work, but I can give you the publication details.

In 2009 Dharmanand’s granddaughter, Meera Kosambi, brought out an anthology of his writings under the title Dharmanand Kosambi: the Essential Writings. It doesn’t include anything from the Navanītaṭīkā, but its bibliography states:

Mahabodhi Society, Sarnath, 1941.

If no one here can assist you, you might try contacting Dr. Arvind Arahant, whom I assume either has (or has access to) a copy of the ṭīkā, for in his blog he once quoted from Dharmanand’s preface to it.

Another thing you might try is the feedback page of this website dedicated to making Dharmanand’s works available online:


Thank you for the references shared.
The article of Dr Arvind Arhant was in Gujarati Language. Was surprised how you could find the article.
I was bit skeptical whether I would be able to read it, but thanks to google translation, could read it in English.
While trying find soft version of the book, I came across the authors wiki, which compelled me to read his biography mentioned by you having his fascinating journey or rather adventures of learning the teachings of the Buddha in early 1900s. His biography written by his granddaughter Meera Kosambi" Essential writings on Dharmanda Kosmbi, mentioned by you was available in Internet archives.
Thank you once again🙏🏻

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