Abhidharmakosa, visudhimagga, etc

Thank you for your reply. I had imagined that some solid hypotheses existed about this, but it seems it’s still a mystery.

Perhaps Bhante @sujato or @aminah can do it

I think perhaps the sutta was shared both by Theravadin and Sarvastivadin before their split, but somehow lost in transmission by Theravadin part. Just IMHO

In Visuddhimagga chapter XX verse 96 (page 658 in Nanamoli’s translation), there a passage which seems quoted from a sutta but not found in Pali canon:

Nanamoli said it is from S IV 197 (which is SN 35.246 in SC numbering), but the SN sutta just match on the sound in music instrument simile to explain the passage. The passage (I blocked in picture above) is similiar words with a passage from SA 355:

Just different in that SA version applies to salayatana (six sense-bases), but Vism version applies to nama-rupa (name-form or mentality-materiality). Somehow Buddhaghosa seems to preserve a memory of an ancient sutta which is not found in Pali canon nowadays.

Thanks so much! Just so you know I haven’t ignored this, I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I don’t handle parallel stuff at all and only deal with the preparation of legacy format texts. I’m sure Ven. Sujato will see to it when he has a chance.


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