About me and mine!

I supposed no matter how much you acquired in the dhamma knowledges and how intelligent you are , still , when comes to practicality , no one is exceptional , that they will be influenced by their habitual tendencies of having self view ie me and mine !

Ps. I re-edit my topic after reading sukha’s words . So , I decided to let go of something outside my capacity ( trying to give support to one of the SC suspended member , because no one really supported him) . I only can send metta to that fellow .

Hello Apeiron,

You seem to have posted 2 blank grey square.

Which leaves us with your serie of statements followed by exclamation marks, which you seem to be over using, unless it’s an indication of a defilled state of mine…

Are you feeling angry? Are you in any meaning / trying to right some wrong that lie outside of your mind?

Anyhow, I was reading MN19 this morning, and I think it’s a great starting place for a sunday morning. Two kind of thoughts :D. Good ones worth cultivating, bad ones to be abandonnned, done away with.

Have a great happy day full of love and compassion !

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Hello to you ,
Haha , Please let me know if still could not see . In terms of computer I am of iron age . Apologies .

Sorry Apeiron, it’s no better, now I only see 1 grey square instead of 2.

Mind you, I’m not really interested in moderation per the OP request.

I try to moderate myself and let go, and that’s enough hardwork to not want mingle too much, unless I can do so safely (bringing into the conversation good qualities and leaving the bad ones out - but that’s of course easier said than done).

Anyhow, I’ll go back to my neck-ache now, filling rather stiff now… but that too will pass.

Hi @sukha

I have a suggestion , you can massage , apply pressures on both of the neck of your big toes , that can release your neck ache .

Thank you @Apeiron, that’s interesting and I sure will try that.

PS: I am grateful that you have changed this topic, and I will say that having re-read the OP my neck-ache has dissapeared far below the glowing happiness that ensued.

Thank you very much for that!