About Saddha Sutta (SN 1.36)

In SN 1.36 Saddha Sutta there are verses by devas on various topic, but when we read the sutta, it seems there are missing verses by the Buddha because in this sutta there is no reply by the Buddha to correct or confirm the devas like usually in other suttas of Devata Samyutta.

And the information supplied in the SC site says:

The identifications of the verses in this unclear, and comparison with the Chinese parallels suggests the Pali may have suffered textual loss.

So I’m curious what the Chinese parallels of this sutta said. Anyone can help me with the parallels version? :grin:

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Dear Bhante @sujato,

Just fyi, the Chinese parallels listed in SC for SN 1.36 are SA 1286 and SA-2 284 which at quick glance are different in content from the sutta. So they are not the parallels of SN 1.36.

And perhaps @cdpatton can help with the true parallel of this sutta?

Thank you :anjal:


I’m away from my office this week, so I not able to check the books, but the SA sutras may have been listed in Akunuma’s parallels. It’s tenuous at best, but I do see some similar lines and concepts in the Pali and Chinese verses. In Chinese, the god’s question is like the Buddha’s conclusion in Pali, as an example. It’s jumbled up with a bunch of material that isn’t shared. I’m not able to take the time to check all the Dharmapada parallel references at the moment.