About Sarvastivada Abhidharma Texts

Sukhi Hontu… When I click Abhidhamma page, many parts of Sarvastivada Abhidharma like Prajnaptiśāstra, Dhātukāya, Vijnānakāya, Prakaraṇapada and Jnānaprasthāna are not available… Why? :confused:

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We haven’t got around to adding these. Most of these texts are complex and little studied. Our main focus is, of course, on the Suttas and Vinaya. However, there will still be much of interest in these texts, including many sutta parallels, which might not be found elsewhere.

One day we hope to get around to preparing and adding them.


so, the texts is exist Bhante? :smiley:

Oh, yes, all of the ones that we mention do exist. The Chinese texts are included in the Chinese canon, and are available on CBETA.

There are only fragments of the Sanskrit Jnanaprasthana, and I am not sure if these have been digitized. You can see a discussion of the complex textual situation of the Jnanaprasthana in Sarvastivada Buddhist Scholasticism.


Of course if somebody is willing to code them for us they are most welcome to do so :wink:


Too difficult for me…:joy:

Dear Sir,

As I am not familiar with these texts, could you explain for the benefit of the community what these texts are and why they are important to you? It would be interesting to know.


I’m not familiar too… I’m just want to know why the texts is not available… :wink:

Well, you cannot be faulted for a lack of honesty!