About the Events category

Events of interest to those interested in early Buddhist texts, and notices about people involved in teaching or studying them such as notice of upcoming seminars, workshops, meetings (in-person or online), courses and book and related media launches.

You may also include obituaries of Sangha members and lay followers who may be familiar to users of this forum. (Please post all other announcements in The Watercooler.)

How to add an event details to the OP

  • this only applies when adding events to the Events category, please don’t add events to posts in other categories
  • always add an event as the first item in the opening post
  • start by opening the composer, then select the cog icon in the upper right corner
  • and select Create event from the dropdown list
  • when adding the start and end date/time for the event always use local date and time of the event, not your calculated local time. The system will automatically adjust for any daylight saving time, and for your or any other user’s local time, so there is no need to manually add several timezones and corresponding times to the post. When posting all day events use 0:00 on the starting day as event start and 0:00 on the day after the end day as event end.
  • do not forget to set the timezone of the event (by default your local zone will be selected).
  • set event Status as standalone
  • Check Minimal event and press Create button
  • the event in the markdown of the post will be defined in the local timezone of the event
  • but it will be displayed to each user in their local time
  • if you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact @helpdesk-dd