About the minor precepts in an everyday setting

To what extent is one considered to have done a minor offence in regard to effort, intention and result?

Question 1:
If a person in a moment of unmindfulness were to murmured (quietly) to himself a line, a quote from a movie he once watched in the past-(Not a song – simply a dialogue line repeated quietly). And yet his mind delighted in this, even though right afterward he realized what just happened and immediately stopped it.

Is this still considered an offence in the monastic code about the precept concerning entertainment (the rule of abstinence from dancing, music, visiting shows) or any other precepts in the vinaya monastic code for that matter?

Question 2:
The Buddha also make a rule against looking at one’s face in the mirror: But what if a person was going to the bathroom, resolving himself not to look at the mirror inside the bathroom ,and yet, when he actually sit down to use the toilet his eyes instinctively look up towards the mirror and seeing himself. Then he realized what was happening and turned away from the mirror quickly? Or if he was walking a past a mirror and happened to look at it as a force of habit and then quickly turned away?

Is it still considered an offence ?

Question 3:
If using a mirror is only allowable when one is ill then in order to shave one’s head should a bhikkhu start with using his razor to shave and his other hand to feel around his head until there is BLOOD on his head and hand and only then is it allowable to use a mirror to continue shaving?

Or should the bhikkhu make a minor cut on his face with a razor to draw blood first and then since he is “ill” he is allowed to use the mirror for shaving his head?