Abstaining from lying down: anyone practiced this Dhutanga?

I think deleting the topic is not a great idea, for example because of Khemarato Bhikkhu very good answer, which is valuable, so it is worth preserving. :heart: :anjal:. Thank you Bhante! :slight_smile:

I’ve allowed myself to change the name of topic from: “Abstaining from lying down: Anyone dance the Dhutanga?” to “Abstaining from lying down: anyone practiced this Dhutanga?”, to avoid any potential unpleasant associations with the name. Of course final dicision lies in hands and hearts of our dearest moderators.

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lol, that was not the intent, I had some thoughts that seemed relevant, so I shared those!
I enjoy discussing on the topic of Buddhism/Dhamma-Vinaya, so even a little bit of valuable discussion on it seems to be doing justice to it to that degree. It’s better than what I’m getting with a lot of other people who are not even interested in Buddhism at all lol. Every little bit counts. :slight_smile:


I replied to this thread because I can totally relate.

Not sure if I can find it but there is a discourse where the Buddha lays out 4 kinds of practices:
difficult, harmful
difficult, beneficial
easy, harmful
easy, beneficial

The Buddha obviously endorsed the two that are actually fruitful and lead to benefit, and did not endorse difficult practices simply because they were difficult.

I think intuitively this makes sense, but it helped clarify this topic in my own mind, and helped steer me towards those practices the provide the most value for my time and energy investment into them.

Your thought-provoking question reminds me of this discourse by the Buddha:


What do you mean? Can you explain?

Another possible alternative:
Can this thread be combined with the other one regarding austerities that a moderator pointed out before? This one:


Don’t know about the why, but here is the how!!


MN46:5.1:…four ways of taking up practices.
There is a way of taking up practices that is painful now and results in future pain.
There is a way of taking up practices that is painful now but results in future pleasure.
There is a way of taking up practices that is pleasant now but results in future pain.
There is a way of taking up practices that is pleasant now and results in future pleasure.

Airplanes are a wonderful place to sleep without lying down. Instead of trying to fall asleep, simply focus on the thread of awareness that joins the breaths. That thread leads to successive places of letting go. If one lets go of the thread, sleep happens. But if one holds onto the thread as it gets finer and finer… “we have arrived at our destination. Thank you for flying Air Buddha”. :thread: :meditation: :flight_arrival:

May all sleeping sentient beings not keel over. :sleeping: :pray:


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You, dear friend, are a fountain of knowledge and inspiring quotation!

Maybe better in another setting. We seem to be slipping out of the bounds of this forum.
Suffice to say, right view is a hypothetical stance that must be tested (rigorously) to arrive at knowledge and vision. Simply holding such a view implies an act of faith, since it is something you don’t have direct knowledge of. and faith implies accepting the risk you might be wrong.

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