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Hello everyone!
I’m looking for some acadamic researches or books etc, about some suttas.
If you can recommend of any researches or anything else that might helps it would be great :slight_smile:
Those are the suttas that I’m writing about:

  1. SN 36.3: [ Pahanena ] PTS: S iv 205
  2. SN 12.2: [ Vibhaṅgaṁ ] PTS: S ii 2
  3. SN 35.94: [ Adanta agutta ] PTS: S IV 70
  4. MN 22: [ Alagaddūpama ] PTS: M i 130


There’s a lot. Can you be more specific what you’re looking for? Parallels? Linguistics? Philosophy?

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There’s a very fine paper on this by K.R. Norman.

A Note on attā in the Alagaddūpamasutta


Thank you very much!
To be more specific, I’m looking for either Linguistics, Philosophy and Analyze of the content.


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You are writing about “what” from the suttas?


Is your primary language Japanese by any chance, Mr Ido? Or perhaps Hebrew? I had a hard time understanding this post at first, I’m afraid. (thanks for the correction)

I’m still a bit confused why you’re looking for research on these specific suttas… Could you say a few more words about your context? Were these suttas assigned to you by a teacher? Or is there something about them that caught your attention? Why these four?


Here are a few more:

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Actually yes, my primary language is Hebrew.
The subbject of the paper I’m writing is the realation between Dukhha to Sukha.
I chose those suttas to have a wide context of the 3 different kinds of Dukkha, and to relate this to the Dhammacakkappavattana sutta.

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Thanks for the clarification. This is helpful context.

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Thank you Ric!
how can I contact the moderators?


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