Acting out of delusion

In the Suttas when greed hatred and delusion is being driven cussed is that delusion the delusion of ignoring? As in ignoring dependent origination and the 4 Noble Truths?


Yes. Ignorant of D.O. technically. It will usually manifest as fear: fear of death, of losing what is “ours.” That’s delusion. Think of the extremes people will go to for their ideology, their motherland, etc. All because they don’t see Dependent Origination.


You pretty much summed up exactly what I was wondering? Thank you Venerable Sir

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I think delusion refers to a temporary arising of a wrong understanding of ourselves, situations, others. For example, one sees a snake while it is a rope. Just having a wrong understanding at a moment, and being led by that wrong understanding in thinking, speech and actions.

Ignorance is more about ignoring or not seeing what is. For example, neutral feelings are so common that they are often ignored. Like they do not exist. They remain unseen, unnoticed. But painful and nice feelings get ones attention soon.

Upon what is most common ignorance grows. Like fish in water do not notice water, that what is most common, most close to us, that tends to stay unseen. Purity is much more close to us and common to us, then impurity, defilements, but exactly because it is so close to us, so common, so self-evident, it is ignored, not seen.

Buddha did not invent the four Noble Truths but awakened to it, as the other Buddha’s did and all future Buddha’s will do.

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I think the idea is that attraction, aversion, and confusion are what motivate us to declare things like “this is suffering!” “This is pleasant!” And “this is wierd!”

By understanding and “cutting off” attraction, aversion and confusion we cut off any reason to say “i am suffering”.

(We also cut off anybtradon to day “i am” “i am not” etc)