Add Serbian suttas

I’ve just added 5 DN suttas in Serbian, eg. sr/dn11

These are taken from, which offers a wide range of resources in Serbian, including extensive translations of Pali texts. Over the next week or so I plan to add the remaining available texts.

Bhante, sutta translations into other languages do you only add official ones, or those already published elsewhere, or do you accept firsthand translations too?

We’re happy to consider anything. Obviously we would prefer work from more experienced translators. Where possible, we consult with native speakers to ensure quality.

Dear Bhante Sujato, as an author of these translations and the whole website, I’m honored for my translations to be included in Sutta Central. Keep up the wonderful work! Metta

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Thanks so much Brankoo! I looked for a contact for you but couldn’t find one, so I’m very happy that you are happy. I have the rest of your translations on my to-do list, hopefully next week I will add them to SC. Let me know if you do any more translations.

There is the link Kontakt, the last one in the main menu :smile:
I add new translations regularly.


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