Added parts of Samyutta in Sinhalese

I’ve now added the Sagathavagga, the Salayatana and Vedana Samyuttas from the Samyuttanikaya in Sinhalese. Like the previous Sinhala translations, this is the A.P. de Soyza text, and was extracted from, having been originally digitized by a group of volunteers organized by Ven Mettavihari and hosted on since the 90s.

This completes the readily available material for the 4 nikayas. There are still some suttas in MN and DN that are on, but have not yet been prepared for by Janaka. We will wait for these.

In addition, there are many suttas that were not digitized at all, including three major chapters of the Samyutta, the Nidanavagga, Khandhavagga, and Mahavagga. We will try to have these typed up.

There remains three Khuddaka books that are present on Dhammapada, Theragatha, and Therigatha. These are translated by Ven Gnanananda. I’ll try to get these ready in the next few days. If anyone knows of digital sources for the remaining major Khuddaka books (Udana, Itivuttaka, Suttanipata), let me know.


And now I’ve added the three Khuddaka books.