Adding friends in this forum

For reasons of Kalyāṇa-mittatā, I would like to see a way to add friends in this forum.
Or is it already possible and am I missing something?


why discriminate? let everyone be a friend :relaxed:



I had that same thought :slight_smile:

However, Kalyāṇa-mittatā is a special form of friendship, see:

It does not mean excluding or discriminating against others nor does it mean we can “do without” others, even if some of those others are our ennemies --> they can be our greatest teachers.

Let me tip my hat to LXNDR’s response.

I can, nevertheless, understand the original motivating thought. Practically speaking, what kind of extra functionality is it that you’re looking from such a feature? On the face of it, just sending whomever a message would seem to serve the need. :relaxed:


It’s simple Aminah: You are posting here frequently so it is easy to find you, but in the short time that I’m here, I have already come across several others who could be a kalyāṇa-mitta, an admirable, noble friend - but as they post less frequently, it is easier to forget about them. When I first see them posting in this forum, I notice their noble ideas, their noble character, but maybe right then I am too busy to get in touch with them privately, though I might like to do so a little later.
That is why I would like such a functionality.

Great! Sorry, this forum is as ‘social media’ as I get and I’m entirely ignorant to what’s on the market elsewhere so I was more asking what functionality was needed rather than assuming anything - just wondered it the message option would fit the bill, but obviously you’ve got something more specific in mind.

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notwithstanding my first response i of course get the idea, but the discussion about implementation of such a feature in the Discourse has been going on since 2013, this month falls its 4th anniversary, and no ETR for its implementation has been given yet


Nice! One thing that’s good about Discourse is how open the development is. That’s why we do the same thing here, posting our development chats on the site for all to see. Development is weird and uncertain and some things languish for years, while other things happen right away.