ADHD and meditation

Oh my. Please stop spreading this anti-pharma conspiracy nonsense before I explode.

This is a lie. Please stop, read up and educate yourself. Use reason instead of faith. Propagate truth instead of lies.
The neural correlates of deficient error awareness in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
The neural correlates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: an ALE meta‐analysis
Neural correlates of interference inhibition, action withholding and action cancelation in adult ADHD
Neural correlates (ERP/fMRI) of voluntary selection in adult ADHD patients
Towards an understanding of unique and shared pathways in the psychopathophysiology of ADHD
Molecular genetic studies of ADHD: 1991 to 2004

I urge @moderators to react if this continues.

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I too don’t understand why we are discussing psychiatry in Suttacentral! :grinning: I would also like the @moderators to take a look and see if such topics like ADHD need to be included in discussions here. In terms of my involvement here – please note that I am only responding to an already posted topic, and specifically to a comment that was directed at me.

As I see it, at Suttacentral, we are committed to the ‘truth,’ which is a key Buddhist principal and it is with that intention in mind that I am commenting here. My goal is to get at the truth rather than to promote some view due to self-interests.

@tuvok - The references you have posted are about ten to fifteen years old - if you look at newer academic articles, you will be able to see that the reality is different. For example, see the following 2020 article published in the Harvard Review of Psychology – it talks about how the messages that are delivered in psychiatry (to laypeople regarding mental disorders) do not align well with scientific findings:

Also, the following new article published in the highly prestigious medical journal “New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)” talks about the limitations of psychiatry.

Please also note that, the articles you have posted talk about correlates and no one is denying that the brain activity and our experiences (such as ADHD experiences) are correlated. But correlation is different from causation. No one has direct evidence that brain abnormalities are causing behavior and as I mentioned earlier there is overwhelming evidence that the causation goes the other way around – our mental activities are constantly changing the brain (neuroplasticity).

Below is a 2020 article – a research investigation that provides further evidence for this – it demonstrated that mindfulness interventions are capable of bringing about healthy changes in the brain:

Neurodiverse folks have just as much of a right to discuss neurodiversity and ableism/disability within Buddhism, as queers get to talk about sexuality and Buddhism (which I am also queer, btw), or gender and Buddhism, etc. It would be pretty bad to ban such a topic from this forum.

This topic has been more than adequately discussed and is therefore closed. Those who wish to discuss ADHD or personal practice further with the OP may communicate directly by PM.