Ādhipateyya sutta AN3.40

I am trying to look for the Adipateyya Sutta, in which area the discourse can be found? I try the search section in Suttacentral but it comes out with a long 820 list of the word sutta. Can anyone please help?

Do you remember any details what the Sutta is about? That might help to find it.

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I only found this reference for Adipatteyya Sutta.

The Adipatteyya-sutta of the Aṅguttara-nikāya is also important when discussing
the Buddhist conceptualization of constructive learning (AN: 528). In this Sutta, the
Buddha explains three methods one can use to select good from bad. First, if
someone has to lose his dignity because of his action such action should be avoided,
because it is not value-oriented (attādhipateyya). Second, if our action is criticized
by someone who notices it, such action should be avoided too (lokādhipateyya).
Third, if the action is recommended by Dhamma such action is liable to be
undertaken (dhammādhipateyya).
(from The legal consequences of parajika by Bhikkhu Analyo)

Yet, I am not sure about the AN numbering used, because AN 5.28 is about jhanas.

Hope it helps.
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As @Ric below said it is somewhere in Angutara Nikaya.

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Thanks @Ric, however I still cannot found access to AN 528, maybe wrong number? But it is right it is about Attadipateyya, Dhammadipateyya & Lokadipateyya.

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Found it … it is #Numbered Discourses 3. #4. Messengers from the Gods # 40. In Charge … @sabbamitta and @Ric thank you


Probably the PTS numbering system (volume and page number in the volume) where the volume seems to be left out here, unless it’s an even more obscure numbering system! :wink:

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It’s AN 3.40. You couldn’t find it because you didn’t have the “h” in ādhipateyya. :smiley_cat:


yes … I missed the ‘h’ … Anyway thank you a lot