Advanced Search Features don't work for me

I use Windows 8.1 and have the following problem, both with Opera and IE:
I want to use any kind of specific search as in the example searches.

  • “kassapa buddha”~2 gives me results with both terms, but regardless proximity
  • term:sati gives me no results at all. Same with define:sati
  • The phrase search gives me odd results: “shall breathe” gives no results (e.g.many times in MN118)

So basically none of the advanced search features work.
I makes no difference if I type my searches in the field at the top right corner, or in the then appearing search field that has the dictionary and details buttons

Any ideas where the problem might be? I would love to use these features and find it odd that other users don’t seem to have problems with them. I might be doing something wrong… Thanks!

Hello Gabriel,

I have made a change on the server and those features should be working now.

Fantastic! Everything seems to work. Thanks so much!