Advice for Rulers in EBTs

Some Governments in the world seem to be using strong arm tactics to force other countries to adhere to their demands.

The citizens in some other countries are also protesting with violence to make themselves heard.

I wonder if there were similar examples during the Buddha’s time and how did/would Buddha advice these rulers or people who want others to adhere to their demands?

The beginning of the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta (DN 16) comes to mind.

So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was staying near Rājagaha, on the Vulture’s Peak Mountain. Now at that time King Ajātasattu Vedehiputta of Māgadha wanted to invade the Vajjis. He declared: “I will wipe out these Vajjis, so mighty and powerful! I will destroy them, and lay ruin and devastation upon them!”


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