AI-11: Ethical machines and the impossibility of inoffensiveness

Bhante, :pray: you have already pointed out how corrupt everyone involved are in your most excellent essay: AI-7: The Lords of AI :+1:

But GPT4, Grok & Gemini still has censorship based on ethics, but sadly a program called Mixtral Dolphin has now made it possible to bypass all forms of censorship/ethical restrictions so one can get all the uncensored unethical details one could imagine, using AI…

Anything from instructions how to hack the neighbours phone and record the camera and video without them knowing to instructions how to create weapons or drugs…You name it! :confused:

Mixtral also happens to excel in coding, so people using Mixtral Dolphin should have no problems inserting malicious code that is kept well hidden - and this is just the beginning - really sad indeed.