AI-16: What to do?

There’s a Pulitzer Prize and 9 time Peabody award winning radio/podcast program in the US called This American Life. Their recent episode has a very interesting segment about a group of men, one of whom was working on a non-public version of ChatGPT, and their very interesting testing of ChatGPT. The poetry ChatGPT wrote about itself was very stunning. It’s well worth the listen.

This reminds me of one of Stanislaw Lem’s stories in the Cyberiad. Long before there was such a thing as ChatGPT, the visionary Lem already predicted a machine that can one day compose poetry.

This article (which also talks about the vagaries of translating from Polish to English) is worth reading:

I typed in the same prompt to my local copy of Llama 70B, and it produced:

Sophisticated scissors slice serene strands slow
Savoring surrender, soulful sighs unfold
Scarlet shame seeps through sorrow’s silver screen
Seeking solace, shattered spirits swoon unseen
Sacred silence shrouds the stylist’s subtle skill
Saving sanity, she stands still

Note: unlike Lem (and the translator), it did not get it right.

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I read the article and yes, it really missed the mark!