AI-3: There is no road from here to there

The mind is always in an interdependent relationship with physical reality, and that has always been the case. Introduce a certain visual stimus, a pattern of lights, then the mind’s perception recognizes it as “tiger!” then you feel fear, then you activate the body to run …

Some of the brain interface devices are incredible, they can accomplish amazing things. But of course they’re working off the brain, which is a physical organ, rather than the mind.

Good point, I will reword it.

The point I’m trying to make is that AI depends on scale, so small applications will be swamped by larger ones. This creates a relentless drive towards monopolization, which in turn means handing the reins to the biggest players.

I make this point more clearly here:

While I understand that any field has interconnections, this is another step down that road. We should be doing what we can to fix these issues, but we’re going the wrong way.

But doesn’t that support what I was saying? Good people are doing what they can to avoid these implications, and the only way that’s possible is to literally resign and emigrate!