AI-7: The Lords of AI

Yes a deus ex machina salesman.

It reminds me of all the e.g. esoteric ritual specialists in medieval China who would sell the emperor on ever more elaborate rituals to avert the slow-motion catastrophes of famine or drought… The same playbook has been played successfully for thousands of years. Every age thinks they’re more enlightened than the previous, and yet each falls for the same kind of magical thinking, as long as it’s wrapped in the pius logic of their religion.

“Of course building computer technology is Good :tm:. If it weren’t, then I (the billionaire V.C. asked to invest in OpenAI) would have to question whether all the technology and wealth I built was truly good…” This is capital-raising through cognitive dissonance.

Of course the same thing happens in Theravāda countries. The Pagan Dynasty in Burma shoveled more and more money towards building stūpas as their kingdom began to collapse, believing the merit would save their empire. Of course, all that expenditure just hastened the collapse. But at least their last-ditch Great Work has stood the test of time, both physically and aesthetically:

I doubt the same will be true of chatbots, 700 years from now…