Ajahn Brahmali's translation Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga

All of these parallels are marked up in the html document I supplied to Ayya Vimala. If you search for the relevant tag, Ayya, you should be able to pick out all of them.

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You’ll be pleased to know this is coming along nicely. I can already see some of your translations on Pootle. I see you use “haggard” for lūkho. Nice!

I had a look at the original html files but they only list <div class="sutta">, they do not list what this part is parallel with. Some of the parts we already had in our parallels list, but others we do not. The coding was retained in the .po files and also the resulting html that is now online, so I could easily check which parts they are, but still had to find out what parallels to those parts exist.

That’s OK. I’m only asking about the ones that are not yet in our parallels list. The other parts were in there.

I also suggest taking out the parallel between pj1#135 to pj1#141. It seems a bit superfluous to list a parallel to itself in the parallels list.

Would you like me to supply all the parallels?

Yes please, that would be most helpful! :anjal: