Ajahn Candasiri visits Temple Forest Monastery


Thanks so much for sharing. Naturally, being on the other side of the pond I won’t be stopping by, nevertheless, it’s always a delight just to hear her name.

She was the first monastic I ever met and is the reason I was convinced monasticism can well be worthwhile endeavour if spent well. Even though, I’ve only met her three or four times, I have such gratitude for her quietly (but at the same time powerfully) inspiring presence and her great generosity in teaching from lived experience. On one occasion couldn’t help but cry at the back of a talk she gave for resonating with her words, and I should really stress, I’m very much not the publicly expressive sort.


Pray tell us more. :pray: What was it about her…!?

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Well, if you’ll forgive, I think the question goes a little in another direction than I would be inclined to construct things. I think it’s likely that the reason I feel this way about her is a coming together of a bunch of conditions. Her qualities are definitely one important aspect, but then there’s also, eg. the time, where I was at, how receptive I was willing to be and whatever else. All these things together I think produced the impression I have, and I’m afraid to say unpicking that one would (1) take too much time, and (2) be too personal.


She gave a nice talk.

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