Ajahn Dhiravamso

Is Ajahn Dhiravamso still a practicing monk? I really enjoy the few Dhamma talks and sutta discussions he gave circa 2008 - 2010 through the BSWA and I wonder where hes at now… Thanks :pray:

Do you mean Ajahn Diravamso who ordained under Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati?
May be Ajahn Nissarano knows. He is a friend of him.

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Thanks for replying Visana. I believe he is British originally and he does mention having been at Amaravati in his talks. Good to know Ajahn Nissarano may know where he’s at now. :pray:

Oh hmm… last time I saw him was in Sri Lanka. That was 2014, so maybe not so helpful. Ajahn Nissarano would know.

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I have drawn this thread to Ajahn Nissarano’s attention, let’s see if there’s any news.

Ajahn Nissarano’s reply (thanks to Bhante JR for also following up). :pray:t2:

"Ajahn Dhiravamso is still in Sri Lanka. He is living in Tenna, 23 km from Balangoda. He’s been there 11 years. He lives in a forest hut not far from a stream, and goes on almsround everyday. He is about 5 km from the Bhaddekavihari Monastery, which he visits periodically.

From time to time, he teaches in Colombo in connection with the Ajahn Brahm Society Sri Lanka."


Ah wow, thank you so much everyone for following up on my query. And please relay my heartfelt thanks to Ajahn Nissarano. I’m delighted to hear Ajahn Dhiravamso is still practicing as a monk. I do hope he is happy and well.