Ajatasattu a follower in the EBTs

Hi, it is said that Ajatasattu was a follower of the Buddha in the commentaries.
But what do we know about him in the EBTs?
Was he really a devout follower of the Buddha after he met him? Or is that a fabrication?

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In nikayas, He repented of killing his father, asked Buddha forgiveness, and became a Upasaka. There is parralel in Agamas translated by @cdpatton

He might know more

He converts to the Buddha’s teaching and takes refuge in the three jewels in DN 2, DA 27, and EA 43.7, so I would say it was generally accepted among Buddhists that he converted and became a Buddhist.

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Thank you. What is EA 43.7?

it’s from the Chinese sutras. The Agamas. It’s the The Numerical Discourses (Skt. Ekottarika-āgama)

@cdpatton its translation is here

The Numerical Discourses | 43. The God [Rohitassa] | 7. The Fruits of the Ascetics

He is translating more. Stay update🙂