Alliance for Bhikkhunis Calls for Volunteers

Dear SuttaCentral Community!

The Alliance for Bhikkhunis is a wonderful lay organization helping to support the Bhikkhuni Sangha around the world. Last year they helped secure:

  • Food and other essentials for impoverished nuns in Nagpur, India
  • Electrical safety upgrades, secure kutis, and bathroom facilities at Bhikkhuni monasteries in Thailand
  • Food and shelter for Sri Lankan nun communities
  • Fire abatement work at climate-threatened viharas in California
  • Travel for new Bhikkhuni ordinations in New York
  • New monastic communities in Virginia, New Zealand, and India
  • And much more

They are doing great work and as the Bhikkhuni Sangha grows, so too has their organization.

They, of course, could always use additional funds, but at this time they could also use help with their online presence. They are looking for remote volunteers to help with their website, emails, and social media.

If you’d be interested in volunteering, please email to start a conversation with them about how you can help.

You can find more information about their current and upcoming projects on their website:

Thank you!
Khemarato Bhikkhu