Aloka Vihara under threat from fire

I just received a message from Ayya @TathaalokaBhikkhuni that Aloka Vihara is under threat from bushfire, “paritta is welcome”.

I hope that the monastery will be protected and that everyone is safe.


More information from AlokaVihara website


Vaṭṭaka Paritta

Atthi loke sīlaguṇo, saccaṃ soceyy’anuddā. Tena saccena kāhāmi sacca-kiriyam-anuttamaṃ.
Āvajjetvā dhammabalaṃ, saritvā pubbake jine, saccabalam-avassāya, sacca-kiriyam akāsahaṃ.

Santi pakkā apatanā, Santi pādā avañcanā, Mātāpitā ca nikkhantā, Jātaveda paṭikkama.
Saha sacce kate mayhaṃ, mahāpajjalito sikhī, vajjesi soḷasa karīsāni, udakaṃ patvā yathā sikhī. Saccena me samo natthi, esā me sacca-pāramī.

There is in the world the quality of virtue, truth, purity, and compassion.
In accordance with this truth I will make an unsurpassed pledge of truth.
Observing the strength of the the Dhamma, recalling the past victors,
in dependence on the strength of truth I make a pledge of truth:

Here are wings that do not fly, here are feet that do not walk,
Mother and Father have left - Fire go back!

When I made my truth pledge
the great crested flames avoided 16 lengths of land,
as if the fire arrived at water.
My truth has no equal, this is my perfection of truth.


Metta for all beings threatened by the fires. :pray:


I will add them to Dhammasara’s daily chanting


(Sent by Ayya Tathaloka…) latest map showing fire approaching Aloka Vihara (heart), and camp Creek (blue) she is specifically suggesting chanting with the intention, “may the fire stay back at Camp Creek” between 4pm-midnight Sydney time today. Fire is not yet contained.

Sending all metta in solidarity with the Aloka community.


Your kind wishes are appreciated.

Beings to chant for include:

Meanwhile, all bhikkhunis and resident volunteers are safely evacuated and holding regular meditation and puja schedule with a beautiful temporary altar setup in an offered guest house. (We brought the relics, altar cloth and image of Mahapajapati from the monastery and gathered the rest at the guest house to make the altar.)
image1 (1)


UPDATE - Current map. The blue tag is Aloka Vihara. The fire has been spreading very quickly to the east and at a slow (yet unfortunately steady) crawl to the west towards the Vihara. The lower left corner shows the distance measure.

Please keep up your well-wishing, prayers and sharing of merits for the Aloka Vihara property to be spared from the enormous fire - for the sake of the living beings on this land, and Bhikkhuni Sangha in general (this is one of the very few properties in the world for bhikkhunis!), and the Aloka Vihara residents & support community.


And another version of the same map (from Ayya Tathaaloka). But indeed monastery still safe but situation more and more perilous.



Dedicating merit and sending metta. May the monastery be safe.


Metta filled greetings in Anjali,

We have been chanting Baby Quail’s Protection and dedicating merit for the safety of the Aloka Vihara.
May the fire stay back!

In Dhamma friendship,

Suvijjana Bhikkhuni
At Charlotte Buddhist Vihara


I am currently in Vienna with Ayya Santacitta. We send many good wishes for the safety of all beings impacted by the fires. Much metta!


Update - Continual blessings urgently needed - Monastery currently surrounded by fire:

When I asked Ayya Tathaaloka whether the monastery is lost, she said:too soon say - but Ayya Niyyanika said the fire fighters are there working on it, trying to protect it.

Notes from Ayya Tathaaloka

Please send all your power metta and blessings to the firefighters of Division D!

We saw before with our old vihara, the fire came right up to 4 feet from the barn. Maps originally showed it was completely overrun, but it didn’t burn down at all, the fire went around it.

Special blessings every so timely to all those firefighters who are right there -

Blessings particularly needed 8 hours from now. Just now the wind is in the firefighter’s favour - but in 8 hours 1 pm to 1 am sydney time the winds will turn blowing the fire straight into the monastery.


Monastery where the heart is in these photos


Sending all my best wishes and prayers all involved people, animals and the monastery may stay safe, chanting now parittas :pray:t4:


Update from Ayya Anandabodhi. The next 12 hours is crucial (night falling in CA now. . )

The fire is now very close to the vihara. It jumped the dozer lines that were made as a fire break. As night falls, the winds will go back down the canyon, driving the fire further. There are firefighters working 24 and 48 hour shifts to try an contain the fire.May all beings be safe ❤.


A map of the Caldor fire:


Here is another useful map of the fire, this one is updated as they determine damage to buildings in the area:

Caldor Fire Structure Status

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Yes, that’s a much better map. You can put “2409 tolawa trail” into the search and it goes right to the Vihara.

They are the orange dot, if I’m not mistaken. The fire area is to the south.


Yes, this is a great map. And as the Orange dot shows - for now Aloka Bhikkhuni Forest Monastery is safe. Morning update from Ayya Anandabodhi’s FB page: The firefighters worked all night to contain the raging fire and for now, Aloka Vihara and the neighboring properties are safe. I hope that the many wild animals and birds who live in the area have managed to find safety and water. Feeling grateful